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BalkanScienceTellers Centre

The BalkanScienceTellers Center of Helixconnect Europe aims to support the European Union's and the Triple Helix Association's citizen science targets with a focus on Western Balkans and Eastern Europe as countries and regions still lagging on this matter. 

In the view of the European Union, citizen science is a broad term, covering that part of Open Science in which citizens can participate in the scientific research process in different possible ways: as observers, as funders, in identifying images or analysing data, or providing data themselves. This allows for the democratisation of science, and is also linked to stakeholders' engagement and public participation.

"Giving citizens a greater role in science can deliver the vision of "science for the people, by the people" for Europe. Some of the benefits of this concept are: efficient and transparent use of public and private science and research funding, better engagement in research, governance and accountability, bringing European policy making closer to the people whilst basing it on scientific evidence." (EU Commission, 2021)

Available products and services for our customers: 

Science and Technology Class

Science2Plain Communication Toolkit

Features: a toolkit enabling research organisations to translate translate scientific research outcomes into plain language that is closer to their target groups and more easily comprehendible. Such toolkit can be easily embedded into the communication and dissemination strategies of R&D projects. 

Science Class

Participatory engagement in science toolkit

Features: methodologies on how to better engage society into scientific projects and how to better represent their roles and interest in a bottom-up democratic process.   

Cheerful marketing people brainstorming



Features: advanced neuromarketing solutions on how to deliver more effective science engagement campaigns and how to better bring the research output results closer to the target groups. 



Citizen Science Ambassador - Serbia

After graduateding at University of Belgrade, Faculty of Organizational Sciences, the degree in Information Systems and Technology, she became a teaching associate at the Faculty at Department for Management of Technology, Innovation, and Development. During her work on the Faculty, she finished master studies in Operations Research and Computational Statistics. Her research interest in that period was the performance and official rankings of universities. Currently, she is on the final year of her doctoral studies and writing a thesis on the topic "Development of the model for measuring the performance of technology management based on the Triple Helix concept". Her interest in citizen science stemmed throughout her engagement with triple/quadruple helix research and she is currently actively involved in proposals targeting co-creation with society and citizen engagement in research and innovation. 


Citizen Science Ambassador - Serbia

Dr Petar Vrgovic is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Technical Sciences (University of Novi Sad, Serbia). His expertise relies on creative thinking and effective communication (including during societal engagement). 
He also loves helping SMEs to innovate and collaborate, especially in developing countries and in sub-optimal conditions. He holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology and PhD in Engineering Management. His interests are tailored around: business communication trainings, establishing organizational culture, employee creativity, open innovation for SMEs, public speaking and presentations, students entrepreneurial activation, small business networking and serious games. 


Citizen Science Ambassador - Romania

Mihai Lisetchi has extensive experience in the development of social economy organizations. He is deeply involved in the study and research of social entrepreneurship, social enterprise, social economy, sharing economy and social innovation concepts and practice. He is currently also leading research at the West University of Timisoara, Romania. In the past, he undertook an international fellowship in philanthropy at Johns Hopkins University, USA, served as Secretary of State at the Ministry for Public Consultation and Civil Dialogue (Romanian Government) shaping the NGO development agenda of Romania. He also provides expertise and coaching for numerous NGOs an adult training programmes, while coordinating his own NGO (Agency for the Information and Development of Nongovernmental Organizations). 


Citizen Science Ambassador - Kosovo

Uranik Begu is a highly experienced management and marketing executive, who currently is serving as an Executive Director at Innovation Center Kosovo (ICK). Prior to his work at ICK, Uranik has served as Head of Marketing and part of a management at Post Telecom Kosovo for four years. Uranik is currently close to completion of his Doctorate degree in Management, at Swiss Management Center. He is also a renowned lecturer and has taught at several private universities, and the public university of Prizren. He also serves as a Board Member for the largest European Marketing Conference held in Zurich, the CMO Conference, also known as Davos of Marketing. Uranik since six years ago is an active member of the Economic Development Council of Prishtina.