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Welcome to Helixconnect Europe's Centre for Digital Transformation (CDT). Established in 2020, CDT aims at providing solutions for helping enterprises and institutions throughout their digital transformation process. Our primary focus is on education providers, however we undertake a broad range of digital transformation services. 


Available products and services for our customers: 

Math Teacher

Digital transformation toolkit for online education delivery (trainers)

Features: digital content production; learner inclusion; personalized digital education solutions; learner inclusion in digital delivery strategies; online assessment solutions. 

College Student

Digital transformation toolkit for online education


Features: how to get accustomed and engaged in online education; how to excel in online education; how to learn on the go and better facilitate your development. 

Management Meeting

Digital transformation toolkit for online education facilitation (education administrators)

Features: how to digitally transform an education provider; how to embed cutting-edge technologies; how to use learning analytics; how to optimise resources via digital education provision. 

Brain Scans

Behavioural & effective learning toolkit

Features: neuroscience (brain-friendly)-driven approaches for boosting engagement and learning effectiveness in online education both in terms of content creation and delivery process. 


Inclusive & personalised digital education toolkit

Features: how achieve inclusion, gender-balance and group at risk mitigation in online education; strategies for offering adaptive and personalised educational content for the learning needs of different learners. 

Graduation Day

Digital education certifications

Features: receive internationally-approved digital certifications for online education provision, engagement and management. The certifications are jointly offered by top EU universities and top digital competence validators. 


EntreComp, DigComp, DigCompEdu Competence Framework Application Toolkit

Features: tailoring and application of EntreComp, DigComp and DigCompEdu competence frameworks of the EU for online education at academic, adult, vocational and youth levels. 

College Student

EQF, ECTS, ECVET, YouthPass, Toolkit for digital education


Features: application of various EU competence standards at various educational levels with specialized tailoring for online education delivery.



Meeting with a Lawyer

LegalTech Education Toolkit

Features: a toolkit for the application of cutting-edge legaltech solutions for the next generation of digital law education. 



Digital Education Expert 

Vlad Mihaescu has a PhD in educational and technological models of MOOCs and has more than 10 years’ experience as a trainer and teacher in areas like multimedia technologies, social media, e-tourism, e-learning, usability, programming, soft skills and leadership. Author of over 25 scientific papers and book chapters published in international conferences and journals, Vlad is involved in several European research projects in the field of eLearning. He is also a lecturer for UPT. Currently he serves as the Chair of the NAP Steering Committee at the European Distance and e-Learning Network (EDEN). 


Global Innovation & Technology Expert 

Andra Roxana Stanciu is an experienced computer scientists and software developer (15+ years of experience) as well as a social entrepreneur. She is highly active in the international innovation community (USA and Europe): she is the founder of the Global Innovation Consortium (New York based) which creates a business ecosystem for individuals and companies and enables innovation through technology and knowledge transfer. She is also Head of Global Partnerships of the Global Startup Ecosystem (USA), in charge of pushing forward their digital startup accelerator platform (including technical development).Over the past years, she was actively engaged in community involvement and in social dialog by also organising and hosting events such as Future Europe Summit (series of conferences sponsored by SAP, Forbes, etc) aiming at facilitating global ties among young people while solving common challenges.She also strives for gender-equality promotion and serves as a strategic advisor for the Romania-based Global Women in Tech association, through which she helps young women from Romania to excel in STEM innovations/startups. 


Entrepreneurship and AI Policy Expert

Dr. Cristian Gherhes is an expert in Entrepreneurship, SME growth, Economic Development, Technological Innovation, and Business Models. He has extensive experience of planning, conducting, and delivering qualitative research, having undertaken this with a range of stakeholders, including firms, entrepreneurs, and policy makers across various geographical contexts. His research centres on institutions, entrepreneurship, economic development, and innovation, and he has a particular interest in the development and diffusion of Artificial Intelligence and implications for organisations, policy makers, and society. His most recent work focuses on the opportunities and challenges of AI adoption in professional services firms and on trajectories of AI development across various national contexts. He holds a PhD in Management from the University of Sheffield and a BA (Hons) in Accounting and Financial management from the same university, and is currently Research Fellow at Oxford Brookes University (United Kingdom).


Law & LegalTech Expert

Mihai Cărăbaș is an experienced lawyer contributing to research & innovation in cooperation with Babes Bolyai University from Cluj-Napoca, Romania. He is also a referee within the framework of the Jurisdictional Arbitrage Court from Cluj's Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He holds a rich experience in commercial law, intellectual and commercial property, energy and corporate management. He also provides consultancy in negotiation and mediation, as well as public defence. He is truly passionate about LegalTech and the application of cutting-edge solutions in the legal domain and he has established the first LegalTech Accelerator Platform in Romania, attracting hundreds of stakeholders at its annual event. Through these efforts, he bridges international networks in LegalTech (i.e. European LegalTech Association, ILTA, Investment Houses, etc) in order to build up the LegalTech ecosystem from Romania.  


Environmental Sustainability  & Training Accreditation Expert

Dr Adrian Solomon currently serves various international appointments: Chairman, External Grants Committee (Triple Helix Association, Italy); Deputy Director (South East European Research Centre, Greece), Project manager (Advanced Resource Efficiency Centre, United Kingdom), Co-Founder of the World Bank Working Group on Law and Technology. He is an experienced researcher & manager with expertise in environmentally sustainable and resilient organizations and in managing R&D projects involving innovative solutions and technologies for organizational competitiveness and compliance (10+ years of experience). So far, he has successfully acquired 18 projects (H2020, Erasmus+, EUROPEAID, Tenders) amounting to more than 16.7 million Euros. He has served as keynote speaker and panel speaker in numerous international events. For the past 8 years, he has been directly involved in the acquisition, management and implementation of training projects at various levels: Youth Education, Vocational Education, Adult Education, Higher Education) and has substantial experience with EU qualification frameworks (NQF, EQUIS, ECTS, ECVET, ETF, DigComp, EntreComp, YOUTHPASS). He holds a PhD degree in Environmental Sustainability from the University of Sheffield (United Kingdom) as well as a BSc degree in Computer Science from the same university.